Kleancolor – Classics – 123 – Swatches

28 Feb

Dear readers,

Classics – 123 is a part of the Classics collection from Kleancolor. It contains 2 colors. The colors are: Gold and red. The finishes that are used in this collection are: Holographic glitter and shape glitter.

Kleancolor - Classics - 2.2 Tango - Swatch Nude - 2012-03-31-887262.2 TangoKleancolor - Classics - 2.2 Tango - Swatch Black - 2012-10-18-1006902.2 Tango over blackKleancolor - Classics - 2.2 Tango - Swatch White - 2012-10-18-1007082.2 Tango over whiteKleancolor - Classics - 24 Carat - Swatch Nude - 2012-12-21-10102124 CaratKleancolor - Classics - 24 Carat - Swatch Black - 2012-12-21-10103124 Carat over blackKleancolor - Classics - 24 Carat - Swatch White - 2012-12-21-10106024 Carat over white

Beautiful: 7,0
Original: 8,5
Easy to apply: 8,0
Amount of coats: 2,5
Dries fast: 78,5
Easy to remove: 4,5
Doesn’t Chip: 7,0
Price: €3,45
Link: Click
Total: 7,3

These two colors from the Classics collection from Kleancolor are both glitters and they are real nice glitters. They provide original looks when you use them for layering. 24 Carat is great over any color, for 2.2 Tango you should think about red or dark shades. They are very easy to work with. The only thing that is not going well is removing the nailpolish, but if you use the foil technique you will be fine. It is amazing to me how these original and pretty nailpolishes are sold for only €3,45. Personally I want them all. What is your opinion about Kleancolor?

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